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Microsoft Say Goodbye on Kinect

Microsoft Say Goodbye on Kinect
Later, a number of new game titles will also be launched simultaneously with the release of Kinect for Windows V2.

After the information about the sequel buzz, Microsoft finally spoke about the future of Kinect. The company decided not to further continue these accessories.

Excerpted from The Verge , Friday (10/27/2017), a company based in Redmond, United States of America is no longer continue production of Kinect. Thus, having exhausted the stock of these accessories on the market, the company will not resume sales.

Despite not resume production, Microsoft called they will provide support for users who already have it. Yet support for the developer is still uncertain.

Launched to compete with motion control which is owned by Nintendo Wii, the market response to this accessory was not as expected. The number of games is fairly not enough and a less smooth controls make this device do not reap success.

For information, this accessory is already debuted on the Xbox 360. After that, Microsoft is trying their luck to accompany the sale of the Xbox One with Kinect.

But alas, this device is not also received positive attention. Interruption Thus, this technology is not completely finished. Microsoft turns to immerse the Kinect technology in some of the newest products.

One is the technology depth-sensing is now used in HoloLens. In addition, a number of laptops are also implementing facial recognition like in Kinect support Windows features Hello.

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